About Core Prescribing Solutions

  • Vision

    We endeavour to be the largest and most valued provider of primary care pharmacy and medicines optimisation services across the UK

  • Mission

    To ensure optimal pharmaceutical care is our top priority for patients and stakeholders at all levels

  • Ethos

    Creative, honest and bold. Always putting patients and clients at the core of everything we do

  • Promise

    Consistently provide a personalised service and individualised solutions

Core Prescribing Solutions is one of the leading providers of clinical pharmacy services in primary care. Our aim is to deliver a highly structured, fully managed service, allowing you and your team to excel where you are most needed. Our nationwide client-base is revelling from our commanding management and expertise within a variety of clinical settings.

Our FREE CONSULTATION will help you identify areas of current practice which can be optimised to suit your needs along with improving outcomes and significantly reduce workload pressures through a cost effective robust primary care model.

A recent survey highlighted that Core Prescribing Solutions had taken away 99% of medication related workload from a GP client catering for 34,000 patients.

I find the service has made a significant improvement to the working day for our GP’s. The high number of tasks that the pharmacists have taken off the doctors is allowing us to work on what we really want to be doing in a much less stressful way.

Dr P Wynn (GP Partner & Prescribing Lead)

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