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An award-winning dynamic healthcare organisation

Core Prescribing Solutions is a dynamic fast-paced healthcare organisation with over 20 years’ combined experience in the NHS, primary care, health informatics and the pharmacy sector.

We provide tailor-made primary care packages through a fully managed pharmacist or technician-led model suited to the needs of Primary Care Networks (PCNs), GP practices and clients to help reduce workloads and streamline processes.

We offer real-life, data-driven solutions to improve patient outcomes and digitise healthcare.

recent survey of PCN Clinical Directors revealed:


(over half) find that clinical pharmacists are the most difficult to recruit


attribute ARRS recruitment challenges to a lack of suitably trained/experienced candidates


report unmanageable workloads


manage their workloads with difficulty


(two thirds) consider their PCN and practice workloads unmanageable


class the morale of their teams as poor

Why choose Core Prescribing Solutions?

With rising GP costs and workforce challenges across primary care, we bring the solution.

Core Prescribing Solutions’ team is highly experienced and agile. Our network of outstanding clinicians possess unique skill sets and have been trained by leading experts. Our team has developed, managed and delivered successful projects to an excellent clinical standard for numerous clients nationally. We focus on delivering exceptional service that prioritises patient care and supports you.

Key benefits

  • Choose from a pool of experienced (non) prescribing pharmacists
  • Total management and support of your Primary Care Network (PCN)
  • Standardisation of workflow across Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and member practices
  • FREE training and materials to support your Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and member practices
  • Development of training & prescribing protocols for the practice
  • Creation of systems to address potential workflow inefficiencies
  • Cover for extended sickness and absence if required (non PCN)
  • Access to senior clinical and peer support
  • Adaptable workforce to suit your needs
  • Customised system template to capture activity data, with monthly reporting and regular feedback
  • Indemnity insurance included in costs of service
  • No upfront costs for practice recruitment
  • No practice financial liability related to employee costs
  • Will free up time for GPs and other clinicians to focus on more pressing patient services
  • Improve work life balance of already hard-pressed clinicians in primary care through extra clinical support

Our services and support

Our services can be delivered by an agile in-house clinician or remotely via our innovative Remote Prescribing Team

Services can be provided nationwide to GP practices, GP federations, CCGs and PCNs.

Core Prescribing Solutions support PCNs nationally with a fully managed clinical service tailored to specific needs, ensuring powerful high-quality outcomes for PCNs, member practices and patients. Clinical services will meet the Network Contract Directed Enhanced Service (DES) specification, saving you management and operational time as well as costs.

Remote Prescribing
Clinical Pharmacist Support
ARRS Primary Care Network (PCN) Management and Support
Medicines Optimisation
Pharmacy Technician Support

Remote Prescribing

Remote clinical support to help PCN’s and GP Practices

Clinical Pharmacist Support

Vast and powerful network of highly experienced clinical pharmacists to help your PCN and your practice

ARRS Primary Care Network (PCN) Management and Support

Total seamless management of pharmacy teams, from everyday management and training, saving you operational time and resource

Medicines Optimisation

Helping patients and the NHS to get the most out of medicines

Pharmacy Technician Support

Pool of trained technicians to help support PCN’s and GP practices

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Phone: 01274 442076
Email: [email protected]

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